Wednesday, January 11, 2012

{Insert Crazy Laughter}

I had a really funny dream last night. Hysterical-laughing-out-loud funny.

You want to hear my dream, right?

You want me to tell you all the hilarious details?

...Me too. Except I have no idea what I dreamed about!

Me: (sitting straight up in bed): HAhaHAhAHaHAHAhahaHAHaHA!
Josh: (awoken from deep slumber): What? What are you laughing about?
Me: (still sleeping) HAHahAhAHAhAHAHAHA!
Josh: (getting annoyed) WHAT are you laughing at?
Me: (slightly awake now): What? *promptly fall back asleep*

I have no memory of said laughter. When I woke up, I was sitting up in bed, and Josh was yelling at me. I have no idea what I thought was so funny. I wish I did, though, because it was apparently really funny.

This isn't the first time I've woken Josh up with my middle of the night antics.
He loves to tell the story of when he woke up to find me standing across the room next to his dresser.
I still have no idea what I was doing there.
Several other times I've woken him up with my ramblings, only to have no idea what I said or what I was talking about.

So, there you go. Proof that I am crazy!

I'm linking up to E, Myself & I's Midweek was such fun last week so I'm doing it again!


  1. My husband talks in his sleep. It's pretty funny. And I work with a lady who has entire conversations with her husband--and they're both sleeping! One of them usually wakes up and realizes what is happening, but her stories are usually hilarious.

  2. lol...this is funny...a few days ago i woke up hitting my husband on the chest because i was dreaming...i felt so bad!


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