Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I Love Hate Just Don't Know About Florida...

There are some things I really, really enjoy about living in the Sunshine State.

For one, sunshine! I only like rainy days when I can curl up in bed and watch movies all day.
I like the beach. 
I like the ocean.
I like being close to Disney, Universal, Sea World, etc so theoretically, I could go whenever I wanted. Noth that I have gone in years.
From what minimal snow exposure I've had, I think I like not having to deal with snow.
I like fresh oranges all year long.
I like being close to the South but not really in the South.
But this...this I could live without:

Really? 81 degrees in the middle of January? I want to wear sweaters and jeans and boots, and this weather is not cooperating with my winter wardrobe.

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  1. Last week we had a 2 hour snow delay ans school was cancelled Friday due to flooding from snow melt/heavy rain. I would take 81 in a heartbeat!


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