My 30 Before 30

1. Read the entire New Testament
2. Take the ferry to Cumberland Island
3. Be pregnant (or trying) Baby Levi due 7/26/13!
4. Cook an intimidating recipe from Julia Child's cook book
5. Get my director's credential
6. Watch a Jax Beach sunrise
7. Lose 30 pounds
8. Sew a skirt I can wear in public
9. Pick our own fruit at a U-Pick-It Farm
10. Find a skin care regimen and stick to it!
11. Make bread from scratch
12. Go to a Gator home game
13. Go out of the country
14. Get a makeover & buy some of what is recommended
15. Grow out my nails & get a manicure
16. Give up soda
17. Make another quilt
18. Stay in a quaint bed & breakfast with Josh
19. Cut my hair & donate it to Locks of Love Completed October 2012
20. Back up the photos on my computer
 21. Complete photo books for our honeymoon & first year of marriage Completed
22. Run a mile
23. Save more than I spend at the grocery store Completed 4/6/12
24. Go on a road trip with Josh
25. Have a significant amount of money in savings
26. Make authentic Pad Thai from scratch
27. Be a Vegan for a week
28. Reupholster a piece of furniture
29. Find a type of fish I like & learn to cook it (like: Mahi Mahi. Now I just need a good recipe!)
30. Play in the snow


  1. Cooked fish is blah tasting most of the time! Try sushi (I'm not kidding)... I had to go twice before I liked it. The salmon is very mild and has the most delicious taste and texture. I LOVE things like STEAMED lobster, raw oysters, raw clams. Oysters and clams are also good fried. Where do you live? You said that you want to go to a Gator home game. I went to UF and I did go to one game. The rest were watched from home. I'm 46 and haven't done most of the things on your list. Thinking of starting a 50 before 50! Good luck!!!!


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