Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Catching Up

So...hi there folks! If anyone is still out there, I apologize for my absence. I stopped writing because I was in the middle of changing jobs, and moving. Then life just got in the way and the longer I waited the more awkward it got and I didn't know what to write...so I didn't.

In November, this happened:

So then things got even crazier as we adjusted to the fact that a little one would be joining our family in July. With all the excitement, I need a place to keep up with everything and write it down so I don't forget the details! Instead of back tracking, I'll just jump right in...

How Far Along: Just over 18 weeks

Gender: It's a boy! My mom is an ultrasound tech and we were really blessed that she was able to scan me last weekend. His name is Levi Eldon (the middle name is after Josh's grandfather).

Size: He's the size of a sweet potato this week! About five and half inches. Crazy to have that little munchkin inside of me.

Movement: Not yet. There's been a few times I think I might be feeling something but I'm not sure yet.

Sleep: Up and down. Some nights are decent, some nights I'm up 75 times to pee.

Maternity Clothes: Not a lot. I've worn a few pairs of pants but they're generally too big still. It's just been the past week that I've really started to show and not be able to wear normal clothes. I haven't been able to button my regular pants since Christmas though, and have been using a belly band faithfully.

Symptoms: Honestly--don't kill me, but my pregnancy has been pretty symptom free. No morning sickness at all. The first trimester I was pretty tired but that's subsided. This trimester has brought some intense headaches but this week has been better. My boobs have been getting HUGE this week though!

Aversions: Nothing really. Though there have been several times that nothing sounds good.

Cravings: Milk this week, which has really been the first craving I've had. I'm not usually a milk drinker, but I keep guzzling cups of it!

What I miss: Nothing really. Coffee hasn't sounded nearly as appetizing as it did before, so even though I only drink a cup once in awhile, I don't miss it.

Feeling toward pregnancy: Just...wow. It's starting to settle in a little more since we know his name, but it's still quite unbelievable. I think once I start feeling him it'll be even more real, but now mostly Josh and I are like "Can you believe we're having a CHILD?!?!"

Best Moment this week: Picking out the name! We were between Judah and Levi, and I love them both--but Levi is just right.

What I'm looking forward to: Feeling his kicks!

So that's where we're at.  I'll try and stay on track with posting from now on! I have missed ya'll dearly!