Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Not My Cup of Tea

Every so often, I'm at the grocery store, see a new fun flavor of hot tea, and decide I'm going to be a tea drinker. Or I walk by the tea store in the mall, and try a free sample, and wonder why I don't drink hot tea regularly. I think it would be lovely to drink a cup of hot tea every night before bed. A lovely little nighttime ritual to end the day.

In reality, the only time I actually drink tea is when I am sick. To me, being sick = drinking hot tea. Whenever I was sick, my mom made me tea with honey and lemon. (She also made me a bed on the couch and brought me a cup of Gatorade with a straw in it and gave me my medicine like clockwork. Hey Mom, I am sick, do you want to come visit and take care of me?)

My point is, I always have these situations that sound great in my head, but in real life they don't turn out to be so great.

...Such as a taking a bubble bath. I always think a bubble bath with a glass of wine and a good book sounds delightful. I get hot after five minutes, I'm uncomfortable because our bathtub is roughly the size of a shoebox, and I can't read without getting the book wet.

...Such as going to the beach. I love the beach--in theory. I grew up close to one of America's Top 10 best beaches:

I always think the beach is so much fun. Then I get there, and I'm over it after ten minutes. It's hot, the sand makes me itchy, there's too many people, and there's too many creatures to worry about. One time my friends and I saw a huge shark in the water at the beach. Okay, it turned out to be a manatee, but still. You just never know.

...Such as baking intricate desserts. I find amazing recipes online (partly in thanks to my Pinterest addiction)
and decide to make them. By the time I put the first batch of whatever it is in the oven, I have flour all over the kitchen, I'm nauseous from taste-testing too much batter, and the prospect of cleaning up my mess makes me vow to never do it again. Until the next time I find a recipe for peanut butter brownies and decide they have to be made immediately.

I wish my plans turned out as fantastic as they sound in my head!

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  1. I'm with you on the tub! Maybe if I had a huge luxurious tub I'd enjoy baths, but my tub is also a shoebox and is just not comfortable. :)


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