Friday, February 3, 2012



This week was a good week! Here's my top five...

1. My iPhone, which took a toilet bowl swim on Monday, came back to life with no issues! Hallelujah! Now I can get back to playing Scramble with Friends and Temple Run!

2. I came home from the grocery store on Sunday to find this:
They totally love him more than me, and I think it's adorable. 

 3. Tuesday night we started a study called "Experiencing God's Dream for Your Marriage" with another couple from our church. I am really excited about this! 

4. This weekend I am making Jalapeno Popper Rolls and Banana Pudding (both from Pinterest) for our life group's super bowl party. YUM!

5. This quote, which I have posted near my work computer, has been such a good reminder to me this week!

Happy Weekend, Everyone!!


  1. So glad to hear good news about your iphone!!!!

  2. Chris likes to play Temple Run too too :)


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