Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday High Five!

This week has been crazy but good. Looking back, aren't they all?


I love that participating in High Five for Friday helps me focus on the good all week! It inspires me to look for little things that make me happy so that I remember to share them.

1. Saturday night, Josh and I went to visit his great-grandmother and took her to dinner. She was so amazed with the capabilities of the iPhone. Her thoughts on texting: "What do you mean you're talking? I don't hear you. How do you know what she's saying if she's not talking?"

2. We got a little bit of a cold snap this week and it was lovely to have "winter" for another day or two. I caught this sky outside work Monday, and it made me smile.

3. My dear, sweet husband brought me flowers and chocolate at work on Tuesday. I love that he knows it means more to me if he delivers it than if it's just sitting on the counter when I come home.

4. We randomly got our $200 deposit back from our utility company (after being with them for two and a half years). I don't understand the timing, but I am thankful for it!

5. We had an inspection at work yesterday for an accreditation we're renewing. It was stressful but went very well! We have three more days of inspections next week, and then we can breath again.

I am off work today, but not Monday. At least I still get a three day weekend!

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