Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Midweek Confessions: Happy Spring!

*I get disproportionately excited when I save money at the grocery store. I just bought $22 worth of meat for $11 (thanks to looming expiration dates) and I have never felt so proud.

*Best news I got this week? 7-11 is returning to Jacksonville! Other gas stations have Icee's, but Slurpee's reign supreme. It's gonna be a good summer!

*Please tell me I am not the only one addicted to Draw Something. Seriously--that game has taken priority over everything else. I'm a horrible artist but it just cracks me up!!

*I am going to see The Hunger Games movie on Sunday with some friends. I'm seriously excited, but also nervous--I have read the first two books so I know what happens, and I know it will be hard for me to watch! I finished Catching Fire last week and am taking a break. Not because I'm not addicted, but because it's so intense. I needed to breathe.

*Sometimes I get a little overwhelmed by this blogging world. I love writing, and I love getting comments, but there's still a million things I'm clueless about. Sponsors and buttons and giveaways and guestposts? Oh my. Anyone want to give me a crash course?

That wraps up this week's confessions! If you haven't already, you should head on over to E, Myself & I to read more!


  1. I am also addicted to Draw Something and LOVE the Hunger Games!! My sister and I are going to the midnight showing. I feel the same way about the blogging world. We need a blogging 101 course for beginners!!

  2. Kiara and I are going at 10:10 on Friday since we are both off. So excited!

  3. there is so much to blogging...take it at your own pace!


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