Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Pinterest Love, Part II

Not along ago I shared with you the projects and recipes I had already completed from all the pinning I do on Pinterest. (Speaking of, did you see the new button I added? To the right? It says "Follow Me on Pinterest". Click it. Because once you follow me, I can follow you back, and I always need new inspirational people to follow and repin!)

The ratio of what I have pinned "to do" and what I have actually done is about a bajillion to one. I chose my favorites from my Craft & DIY board, otherwise I'd still be staring at all my pins trying to pick favorites! Here are some of the things on my list to do...

Memory Jar (credit)
This is something I pinned a long time ago and have been really excited about doing for the new year. Actually, it's good that I'm writing this, because I've been so excited about it that I forgot to get it ready! The good news is, this is an extremely simply project--just a mason jar and some slips of paper. I want to use it to record the little moments of 2012 that we would normally not remember, and then next New Year's Eve, we can read them all.

Lotion Bottle --> iPhone Charger (credit)
This is one of those pins that is so simple yet so amazing! I am constantly plugging my iPhone in wherever I can find a plug, usually in the kitchen while I'm cooking dinner. And while nothing has happened yet...let's just say my odds aren't good. This is a cheap solution, and so cute! I can't wait to make this.

Rag Quilt (credit)
Oh.My.Word. I am in love with this quilt! In college, my roommate and I went through a phase where we made rag quilts for everyone we knew. Let's just say the phase ended with a broken vacuum cleaner and lots of blood. The quilts did turn out pretty though. And since it's a rag quilt, details aren't so important, so I am sure I can manage this. I especially love the way the grey creates borders on this one, and the color and fabric choices are gorgeous. 

DIY Quote Canvas (credit)
I have seen a couple of different versions of the DIY Quote on Canvas. There's this one, which I love, and also one with wooden letters glued onto the canvas and painted the same color, which I love as well. I can't decide which one I actually want to make. I also have a couple of quotes and song lyrics that I can't decide between... I may end up making both types of canvases so I don't have to choose!

No-Sew Cardigan (credit)
I am in love with this. As I've said, I can sew sort of a straight line, but the idea of no-sew appeals to me much more. I really want to go scour a thrift store for a cute long sleeve shirt and do this! A little bit of stitch witchery and a button... I can handle that!!

So there's a few of my favorite pins that are on my to-do craft list. One of my news year's resolutions is to actually start and finish projects, so hopefully I'll get these done!

Do you have any projects on your "to-do" list? How do you motivate yourself to start and finish them??

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  1. There are so many great ideas on PIN it's hard to do them all...but I do love the memory jar,..too cute!


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