Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Midweek Confessions--May!

Ugh. I am such a blogging slacker. I seem to get in ruts and I don't know what to write about so I just don't even try. Does anyone have any suggestions for that?

Anyway--Midweek Confessions never fail to make me happy, so here goes!

-We have been searching for a house to rent, and it is oh-so-frustrating. We looked at one the other day, and I honestly don't think it had even been vacuumed since the last tenants moved out. Really? What makes you think I want to rent from a landlord who can't even be bothered to vacuum the property before showing it?

-Speaking of houses, we still have almost two months until we'll be moving, and our house is a disaster! Between Josh running two businesses (anyone need a home inspection or lawncare?), our kitchen table looks like an office threw up all over it.

-I currently am missing half of one of my front teeth. I look like such a dork! I broke it when I was 11, at the time, the dentist was able to reattach the broken piece and do a root canal. Last week one of the babies and work knocked me in the teeth with her head--and crack! I hate hate hate the dentist, and am dreading getting it fixed--but so thankful that worker's compensation is covering it!

-I dislike change so much. I hate change at work, at church, at home... I generally adjust pretty well after the change happens, but dread it up terribly until that moment.

-I have a secret! I have a new job that I will be starting in June! I've been keeping it quiet because I didn't want my current company to find out too soon; but they already found out anyway. I am currently an office manager at a preschool, which I love, but there's not much opportunity for growth in my current company. I accepted a position as an office manager for a charter elementary school. The school is brand new (opening in August) and I am thrilled to be part of their team!

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